Duncroft Masterworks creates unique metal artifacts for those who still have the indomitable will of the warrior raging within. The best instincts of man still thrive in a vanishingly small few. If you are among them, you know what it means to live without apology, do your duty, face your fears, make the hard choices, and push yourself forward when quitting would be easy.

We are proud to craft goods that a man can wear with pride.


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Proudly Made in the USA and Canada

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A few of our satisfied customers...

"Both pendants came this weekend. They are awesome. They are bigger and heavier than I expected. I am very impressed. The craftsmanship was second to none." - Bill J.

"Just received my Thor's Hammer in the mail... honestly... the pictures do not even do it justice! This thing is truly a work of art. Just wanted to tell ya how much I appreciate it." - Zach F.

"I just received the package this morning. I guess the customs stuff didn't take too long. The pendants look magnificent! I will be sure to keep up with your site and look forward to ordering more from you later. " - Bruno C.

"My girlfriend ordered this pendant for me for Christmas. Best @#$*ing present ever. This is seriously an awesome hammer." - Brandon W.

"Just got mine! I can't take this thing off. It is the coolest thing I've ever worn." - Henry M.

"I got my order, it's just awesome! Thanks a lot." - Imrann B.

"I just got the pendant today in the mail and I have to say I am blown away. It makes me proud as a Spartan and it just feels amazing." - John K.

"I got the the Scottish pendant from you which I wear almost every day." - Samer H.

"Pendant received. Thanks so much. It's cooler than I expected. Can't wait to show it off. " - Jay S.

"Just wanted to say how spectacular your work is. The web photos do not do them justice. Thanks again!" - Ron M.

"They arrived a couple of days ago... thanks for the great customer service. The pendants are quality works of art that I will enjoy for many years. Thanks." - Joe D.

"It arrived and it looks great!" - Giancarlo P.

"Just got it...really nice, I will enjoy wearing it." - Ernie F.

"Got the pendant, it rocks, thank you." - Bob W.

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Our well-crafted pendants will last for generations, making a lasting gift from father to son.

The modern Celts have been making and appreciating men's jewelry for centuries, so we're proud that our work is favored in Ireland.

These jewelry experts have seen it all so it's high praise to be chosen by their critical eyes!

It's true that they don't make them like they used to, but we still do and Gear Patrol agrees!

In another age our men's pendants would be a fine memento of a hard-won battle so it's fitting that the Plunder Guide had their say!

Heavy metal, war, and warrior pendants! Check out Jay Santerre's awesome Between the Horns for all your heavy metal insider news and reviews!

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